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How Counseling Can Help Improve Your Teen's Decision-Making Process

Raising children is very difficult, and many people feel that parenting is hardest when kids are very little. While parenting your kids is tiring, parenting teens can often be even harder. If you have a teenager that is having trouble making good decisions, you might want to take him or her to a counselor. Counseling can be helpful for teens in many ways, and one of the ways is by helping them learn how to make better decisions in life.

Understand why teens make poor decisions

While not every teen will make horrible decisions that end up with lifelong consequences, some will. The reason for this is due to the way a teen's brain works. A teen's prefrontal cortex, which is the part of the brain that helps make good, rational decisions, is not fully developed yet. In fact, this part of the brain might not fully develop until a person is in their 20s. Because of this, teens often make impulsive decisions, and some of these decisions can be really bad ones.

When you take your teen to counseling, he or she can learn about this, and learn why it's common for teens to make rash decisions based solely on emotion. When a teen understands this, it might be easier for him or her to understand your concerns about the decisions he or she has been making.

Counseling helps teens learn about options and consequences

A second thing a counselor can help your teen learn involves options and consequences. No matter what decision the teen must make, there will always be options. For example, if a teen is invited to a party that will have alcohol and drugs, the teen has the option of attending the party or not attending it.

Whenever there are options, there are also consequences and risks. In this example, one risk of attending the party is that the teen might be more likely to use alcohol or drugs, because it is there. One risk of not attending the party could be kids making fun of the teen. Additionally, there are consequences of attending the party and not attending the party.

One goal counselors have with teens is teaching them that there are options, risks, and consequences with everything. Counselors can teach teens to use these things to evaluate decisions, and teens that put this into practice might end up making better decisions.

If you have concerns with the decisions your teen is making, you could take him or her to counseling. Counseling can help teens learn to make better decisions, and learning this can help a teen avoid making bad decisions.

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